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WHAT ARE essential oils?

Essential oils are natural, aromatic compounds found in plants that are extracted and distilled and bottled so we can use them for our health! The oil could come from the bark, root, leaf, or stem of the plant. It just depends on each individual plant. Oils are POTENT! Just one drop can service your entire body which makes them easy and super affordable to use!

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WHy should I use them?

Essential oils are NATURAL compounds from the earth. They function as the plant's immune system. In the same way, they are a gift to us! If you are looking for a natural way to support your health goals, these little bottles would be my favorite way to get started! Herbs and use of plants for health purposes used to be such a difficult process to get started with and you would have to herb supplements that would expire quickly. But with oils, you can keep these oils on your shelf for years and reach for them anytime you need a drop.

*CARRIE'S TIP - Everyone should have the main 10 oils in their home to be ready for anything that comes up in a regular home/life setting. A favorite starter kit to do that with: The Home Essentials Kit

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Oil Safety

Traditionally, certain essential oil application methods have been preferred or used exclusively. However, as the research surrounding essential oils continues to develop, a greater understanding of application methods is now understood. All application methods are safe when used appropriately, including the 3 Ways: Aromatic, Topical, and Internal. One or multiple application methods can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends in one of three ways listed above.