Home Essential’s Kit



➡️Powerhouse Oil!

💢Immune Boosting

💢Brain Health - great for brain fog

💢Overall cellular health in the body

💢Skin - Great for skin & scars.

💢After shave to keep redness away

💢Safe and powerful for children of all ages diluted.


➡️Fresh, clean uplifting oil.
💢Detoxify your body by drinking 1-2 drops per day in water.

💢Clean with this oil.

💢Removes ANY sticky residue off surfaces

💢Mood lifter by diffusing/smelling

💢Lemon cookies are amazing with this oil.

💢Allergy bomb component (Peppermint, lavender & lemon). Or, rub by itself down bridge of nose for runny nose, itchy eyes. 


➡️Most versatile oil you could probably own! 

💢Calming - helpful for sleep, stress

💢Lavender is an anti-histamine! 

💢Skin Irritations - bug bites, skin allergy, diaper rash, acne 

💢Burns on skin (sun or stove burns)

💢Allergy bomb component (Peppermint, lavender & lemon). Or, rub by itself down bridge of nose for runny nose, itchy eyes. 


➡️Stimulate brain & cook with it!


💢Alertness/Focus/Memory - Back of neck to wake me up mid day

💢Stomach discomfort

💢Wake Up - Diffuse it to wake you up with Wild Orange

💢Peppermint Brownies - the best ever

💢Allergy bomb component (Peppermint, lavender & lemon). Or, rub by itself down bridge of nose for runny nose, itchy eyes. 


➡️This is a HOT oil, so it must be diluted for application.

💢Immune System - Apply to bottom of feet daily or take in capsule

💢Flu Blend - Oregano is an important part of a blend to use when sick

💢Skin Tags - Dilute and use 

💢Warts - Apply diluted every day until gone

💢Cracked heals - Apply diluted 

💢Athlete’s Foot/Candida - Take internally to support candida overgrowth 


➡️Another staple for the home

💢Acne- I use this on my face almost every single day.

💢Foot Fungus - It's anti-fungal properties make it a great choice for athletes foot or toe nail irritation/infection

💢Lice Prevention - Apply behind ears and in hair, make a spray or add in shampoo.

💢First Aid -  cuts, bites, and scrapes

💢Throat - Gargle in warm water for a sore throat

💢Hair - Add to shampoo for dandruff prevention!

💢Mouth - Take in a capsule for cavities or gum disease


➡️ Digestive Blend for stomach issues

💢Upset Stomach, Indigestion

💢Bloating, Gas


💢Sinus Pressure (A unique use for this oil)


➡️ Immune Boosting/Germ Killing Blend

💢Apply to the bottom of the feet for an all-day immune boost.

💢Make an all surface cleaner to kill germs around the house.

💢This oil is a must have when not feeling well, but mostly to use daily to keep you from getting that way!

💢Kill germs in the air by diffusing in your living spaces!

💢Put a few drops in your load of laundry to freshen and kill bacteria.

💢Can use this oil topically/ aromatically/ or internally.


➡️ Respiratory Blend

💢Sleep well- open your airways by diffusing in your room at night.

💢Snoring - Apply to bottom of feet/big toe to open up airways.

💢Coughs, trouble breathing - Make a diluted roller bottle of Breathe to rub on the chest and feet when struggling to breathe or when coughing.

⬇️Make my favorite 


15 drops Breathe

10 drops Melaleuca

5 drops Peppermint or Lime

Top with carrier oil in a 10ml roller bottle.

Apply to chest AND bottom of feet 3-4x a day when struggling with a cough.


➡️ Soothing Blend

💢The #1 go-to for muscles & joints pain! If you have arthritis or if you over do it at the gym, it gives you a nice icy-hot feeling to soothe quickly, but it actually works on the inflammation in that area and keeps the pain away long after the icy feeling has gone away.