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Since you find yourself here on this page about Gut Health, I have to assume one of the following things may be true for you:.

  • You are constantly bloated, or have an upset stomach and you cannot figure out why.

  • You have tried so many different pain treatments and are not getting any relief.

  • You may have received labs back from your doctor that are "clear" or they "look good" and you are left with more frustration. Still exhausted, or in pain or having stomach issues. 

  • You are feeling hopeless or confused about what is going on in your body.

If this is you, I'm so glad you are here, my friend. My life has been transformed by addressing my gut issues, and I'm excited to help you do the same.

Inflammation in the body and other issues in the GUT are where many of these symptoms can stem from. As we have always said in our health clinic, if you don't fix WHY the tire is going bald on your car, you are going to end up with another bald tire after just fixing the symptom and replacing it! 

We need to look at the whole body and that includes the gut! Here are some tools to help you improve your gut health in a really simple way followed by two protocol options to choose from to reset your GUT!!

5 Key Things To Restore Your Gut

1. Probiotic - Probiotics are very important to help discard of bad bacteria and increase the good bacteria in your gut.
2. Omega Fatty Acids - The benefits of omegas are endless. We need these every day for brain and heart health, but the other major benefit we are after for our gut is the support it gives are body when trying to regulate inflammation. We can not produce Omega 3's in our body, so this one is especially important.
3. Digestive Enzymes - Taking these during each meal will help to assure the food is broken down and processed in the body. Tip - if you feel bloated between meals and/or when you wake up, this is an indicator that you may also need to take enzymes between meals to help get rid of food that may be actually rotting in your body! TerraZyme shown below is my recommendation.
4. Minerals & Nutrients like Co-enzyme Q10 & Selenium - Also found in the supplements below support healthy gut microbiota.
5. Essential Oils like FrankincenseTurmericThymeGinger help to support inflammation regulation and are found in the Lifelong Vitality Supplements recommended below. GingerClove are also found in the supplements and can help to regulate cortisol in the body to assist in stress response. FennelGingerAnisePeppermint are found in the DigestZen essential oil blend and can assist in gently cleansing the system and assist in reducing candida in the body. 

Protocol Option 2

30 Day Cleanse & Restore

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