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Our ability to focus has been severely fractured with our noisy world. The noise is only going to increase in our lives and there are many things we can do tactically such as giving ourselves downtime to think without a device in our hands, build more space and fun in our lives and get help when we need it. 
But there are other things we can do internally to assist our bodies with keeping up with the demand. 

My life has been transformed by making the changes that I list below. I am able to quickly adjust things in my body and it opens up another level of productivity! 

If you are on the brink of throwing in the towel on the life that you want because you can't seem to get anything finished, consider one of these protocols and dive in. You will be so thankful you did!

5 Ways to Help You Focus Naturally:

1. Diet - What we put in our body plays a huge role for brain function and immune function. Eating a clean diet will assist in achieving the results you are looking for with focus. If you feel your diet needs an overhaul, I would highly suggest doing either my 30-day gut reset, or a my full gut cleanse in addition to incorporating the essential oils in these protocols below. 
2. Omega Fatty Acids - The brain needs omega fatty acids to function properly! This is a vital piece to the puzzle. (They are included in the Lifelong Vitality Supplements in the protocols below.)
3. Essential Oils
>Focus Essential Oils 
- InTune, Peace Blend, Vetiver (also found in Peace), Frankincense, Balance Blend are all great oils to quiet the overload of thoughts to help you focus on the most important task in front of you. I rotate all of these oils. 
>Energizing Essential Oils -Peppermint & Wild Orange are great oils to help you energize, become alert and focused as well. I apply these two to the back of my neck when I need to wake up in the middle of a project.
4. Digestive Enzymes- Taking these during each meal will help to assure the food is broken down and processed in the body. Our diets no longer contain enough enzymes naturally, so supplementing with them is a great way to reserve unnecessary energy from being extended! TerraZyme shown below in the protocol is my recommendation.
5. Supplements & Nutrients-  Vitamin B Complex, B12 are very powerful for focus along with many sure your body has every nutrient readily available. (Lifelong Vitality Supplements below have these vitamins.)

Protocol Option 1:

Focus & Support

Protocol Option 2

Reset & Focus w/ Natural Solutions Kit

  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements

  • TerraZyme Digestive Enzyme

  • PB Assist Probiotic

  • 12 essential oils

  • 6 On Guard Products

  • 10 Hour Diffusor

  • 6 Additional Products

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