Frequently Asked Questions


Unsure if essential oils are for you?

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Are essential oils safe to use?

I believe that proper use of essential oils are completely safe to use in our families. You can find a ton of information HERE about the safety of using doTERRA oils and the scrutiny of test that they go through to provide us with the most therapeutic benefit.  

Are essential oils safe to use on children?

Yes, and it is probably my favorite way to use them because I know they are much safer than other choices I could use on my children. Dilution is a must with children and HERE are some other guidelines to keep in mind. 

How will I know how to use them? 

With your membership, you will receive a wonderful booklet outlining detailed information for use. Also, because you are a part of my team, you will be added to our private learning Facebook group and also access to ongoing learning opportunities sent you by email. I am also available to you at any time!

What is the doTERRA return policy?

HERE is their full return policy.


What is a wholesale membership?

As a wholesale member, you receive 25% off anything that you would like to order. The fee to join is free if you purchase a starter kit and it is $35 if you choose to not purchase a kit. 

Is there a renewal fee?

Yes. If you continuing order on your account, there will be a $25 yearly renewal fee added to the order at the year mark, but you receive a FREE bottle of peppermint which makes the fee around $4 to renew.

Do I have to order monthly?

No. You can order whenever you would like to. There is an optional monthly ordering program that you can join as a wholesale customer and receive rewards for ordering. See details in next question.  

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program?

This is our monthly ordering program that allows you to customize your order each month and earn points for free product. Details HERE

Do I have to have a wholesale membership to order?

No. You can choose to order a full price as a retail customer. Order HERE to do that and click SHOP.