3 Ways To Use Essential Oils

3 Ways To Use Essential Oils


When I got my first box of essential oils, they did such a good job sitting in the box and behaving. They sat and sat and sat some more. I was so happy to finally have oils in my house for my family, but I wasn’t sure how to USE essential oils!

Not so for you, my friend.

Friends don’t let friends waste their oils. I got your back. Let’s dig in and get them out of that box! And if you don’t even have a box yet… get this one… It’s awesome and comes with a free diffuser (which you are going to want when you scroll down the page and read about the magical aromatic uses).

What are the 3 ways to use essential oils?


1. Topical

This is a fast and easy way to use essential oils! Your skin is an organ. Did you know that?? Your skin will absorb essential oils easily, and your body will respond quickly using this method. SAFETY FIRST! Although, some oils are perfectly safe to apply directly on to adult skin one drop at a time, diluting is a smarter way to apply oils and necessary when using on children at all times. *Note - water will not dilute oils. Instead, I like to use fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil to dilute.

4 Simple Essential Oil Topical Applications:

1) LOCATION OF ISSUE - Apply to area of concern like your stomach or on a bug bite, or where your pain is like your neck or back.

2) BOTTOM OF FEET - Apply to the bottom of your feet where your pores allow oils to easily enter the bloodstream quickly and create change in the body.

3) ADDITIONAL AREAS - Other common areas are down the spine, the back of your neck or over your heart, or on your wrists.

4) SKIN - Apply essential oils on your face for amazing benefits. Frankincense is fantastic for wrinkles and sun spots, Melaleuca can affect blemishes, and Lavender is a huge support for burns on skin.

2. Aromatic

Using oils aromatically is not just to make things smell nice! Essential oils are quickly absorbed by the smell receptors in our bodies, which have a direct link to the limbic system by way of the olfactory nerve. Guess what!? The limbic system is what supports the smell, emotions, behavior & memory functions! Whether you use a diffuser that uses water and cool air to disperse the oils, or just put a drop in your hand and breathe deep, you can experience the benefits.

4 Main Reasons I Use Essential Oils Aromatically:

1) BETTER SLEEP - Diffusing oils like lavender, cedarwood, or vetiver in your room at night is calming and encourages restful sleep. Or apply to your pillow!

2) OPENING AIRWAYS - When your respiratory system is not functioning well, diffuse Breathe respiratory blend for easier breathing.

3) GERMS BE GONE - Diffusing essential oils will cleanse the air of germs AND make it smell better at the same time! On Guard is a powerhouse for killing germs.

4) MOOD - Our olfactory system is connected to the amygdala of our brain which is the center for our emotions and even motivation. So it is a powerful way to affect all sorts of emotions! Try diffusing Citrus Bliss to boost your mood.

3. Internal

Using essential oils internally is a personal preference, however I will say that you are unable to do this with most brands because they are not truly pure and free of pesticides. doTERRA is the brand I trust and can be taken internally when there is a supplemental label on the bottle. The extensive testing that each bottle of essential oil goes through to make sure that the oil is pure and safe for health/therapeutic benefits is what makes this option safe. The body recognizes essential oils and is able to metabolize them easily when they are truly pure and free of additives and used in the proper dosage.

Now, WHY would I want to use essential oils internally?

I’m glad you asked...

4 Main Reasons I Use Essential Oils Internally:

1) REDUCE TOXINS - 1-3 drops of a citrus oil in your water each day is helpful in reducing toxins in the body. *Just make sure to use a glass or metal container.

2) INFLAMMATION/CELLULAR HEALTH - The use of Frankincense internally each day is known to produce a healthy inflammatory response and help with cellular function. Damaged cells need to be removed from our body and replaced with healthy ones. Frankincense helps this process!

3) BE WELL - Anytime I feel that my immune system is compromised and things are about to turn ugly, I go internal. For a powerful immune booster, combine Frankincense, Lemon, Oregano, On Guard & Melaleuca in an empty capsule and you’ll fell great in no time.

4) STOMACH - I love taking DigestZen in a capsule to settle my stomach! This blend combines oils such as fennel, ginger and peppermint that calm the stomach in a hurry.

Want to try some of these suggestions out?

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