Going from skeptic to a life-changed advocate for natural health didn't take long...

6 months after having my second child, my husband talked me into going to see a nutritionist with him to see if he could figure out why he was so tired all the time.

The words CLEANSE & RESTRICTED FOOD LIST were mentioned and my chest started to tighten.

I thought I was going to get a pass. “I’m breastfeeding, so….”

Nope.  No pass. We were in this thing - together.


I was literally scared out of my mind when I read the list of foods we COULD have for the first several weeks, but I was IN. We made it through the 3 month  process but not without planned in cheat meals! 
And, well, shhhh... on the 2nd day, I put the hammer down on the NO COFFEE rule. I switched it to half-caf, and I drink it black, so… it’s all good, right?! I mean, come on - NO COFFEE?!? Not happening for this girl! 

Something amazing happened after that initial cleanse.

I was no longer allergic to several things I was allergic to before the cleanse, and my energy, focus and alertness was through the roof.

After these huge revelations, I thought to myself… 

What ELSE is the body possible of doing?!

I was introduced to using essential oils for home health needs a short time later.  I was instantly intrigued because of my positive past experience with natural methods, but I was still a bit slow to make my move. 

It sounded a little too good to be true. AND - I’m a convenience gal! Was this even something that I could use on my own?

I didn’t order for weeks.

And when I finally did, I didn’t even take the lids off the bottles for weeks.

All the while, I was at home with all these needs - my 1 year old was coughing, my 3 year old wasn't sleeping, my hormones were out of whack and I was stressed out of my mind! As much as  I wanted to use them, and NEEDED to use them, I felt a little lost.

But guess what? 

I’m a resourceful budgeter and there was no way all these oils were going to be wasted. 

I was determined.

I did some more research and learning, but turns out - all I really needed to do was to take the lids off and try them! From the moment I tried the Breathe blend for my son's congestion, I was in love and ready to dig in….

    >  I immediately started diffusing On Guard to clean the air in my house that was full of kids!
    >  I applied Balance grounding blend to the back of my neck every day to lower my stress.
    >  We diffused Breathe in  our rooms at night to open are airways and to sleep soundly.
    >  And we applied Lavender to cuts and burns on our skin to clean and calm!

And now, after all these years, I can truly say that I am incredibly thankful and proud of the fact that we can meet most of our family’s needs by walking over to our oil cabinet!


Grab the same simple health tools for your home!

Since I couldn't stop telling everyone about my experience with essential oils, I decided to get serious about sharing my story, teaching others how to get them and use them in the most simple way.

One drop of oil at a time.

Elder 5-16 008.jpg

And the best part about it…I am able to do this in between packing up the baseball bags, making pancakes with my kids, or my favorite…. while at the BEACH! 

You see… there was a time when I never thought I would see the light at the end of the six figure school loan tunnel. And the thought of being able to travel across the world regularly sounded like a joke to me. 

I was dreaming of bike rides on the beach with my boys and hiking up to waterfalls in obscure towns across the world.

ADVENTURE is my outlet, my tank filler and my relationship builder. 

One day, a dear friend of mine who is a full of life, amazing mom told me something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I’m so grateful to her for saying this to my soul.

She said, "Vacation is a time when the answer to the kids is just YES."
YES we can have ice cream for dinner. 
YES we can go on that ride again. 
YES we can go on a late night swim. 

To a momma who felt like she was constantly swirling in work and saying NO to her kids what felt like endless times a day, this was a welcomed, joyful thought.

That one sentence changed my view on how passionately I pursue vacation and disconnect time with my family. 

That just so happens to take some excess income that we didn't always have, so the fact I am able to now meet this family need by having this essential oil business that serves others and their families as well...


If this sounds like YOU - Your Desires and Your Passions, message me on the contact page! 

I'd love to connect with you & get you started! 

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This is me...

My favorite movie is <don't laugh> Karate Kid.

I would go hiking every single day if I could.

I feel recipes box me in. I take them as a suggestion.

I’m a routine girl. Stick with the plan, Stan.

Don't expect me to speak until I have had coffee.