June 2018

This month, when you purchase a wholesale membership with a 100pv order, OR get a starter enrollment kit, and then you place a 100pv order the next month on Loyalty Rewards, you receive:

Lifelong Vitality Supplements FREE!!! I can not live without these supplements. They give me tons of energy and brain focus! They are worth $106 retail so this is a steal. 

Back when I got my starter kit, I got this deal and have never stopped taking these vitamins in all these years after!

10% off Fennel

Such a great blend for digestive issues. AND - my secret tip is that I use it in my meatballs! I like the flavor of sausage in my meatballs, but I don't like using sausage, soo.... I add a few drops of fennel into my meat and it magically tastes like a hint of sausage!



Father's Day Collection

LIMITED TIME ONLY unique kit for the awesome men in your life!

These products are CLEAN and AMAZING!
Collection is US: $38.50/35 pv  CAN (in US warehouse) $49.00/37pv

Men’s Oil Blend Roller Bottle - Has soothing and relaxing and stress relieving benefits and smells deep, rich, and manly. Would make a great cologne with therapeutic benefits.

After Shave Lotion - Contains Oils such as Budda Wood Oil, Balsam Fir, Litsea, Tea Tree Oil, and very moisturizing ingredients that are great for an after shave lotion or a lotion for anytime.

Bath Bar - An Artisanal African Soap containing Balance and other ingredients such as shea butter. Can even be used to shave with in addition to cleanse with.